The resolution of conflict in the workplace`, including any form of disciplinary procedure, depends on the quality and quantity of information available.  CRS Technologies’ Employee Relations Module, is an intuitive solution that helps businesses adhere to compliance and best practices governing data records.

CRS Technologies is an established leading provider of HR and HCM technologies.

The Employee Relations Module, is designed to enhance data management of workplace incidents in line with disciplinary and grievance procedures of their clients.

It assists and guides users through the intervention steps that would normally be taken in the course of any labour hearing, including:

  • Enquiry notifications and outcomes
  • Appeal processes and appeal hearings
  • Written warnings
  • Disputes

One of the solution’s differential qualities is that it provides a way to record critical information that can influence the disciplinary process, including union membership, transfers, labour practices, arbitration, conciliation and CCMA cases.

“Of all the CRS modules, this is the most re-active in as much as a permanent electronic record is kept and can be reported on with ease. It can also track industrial action trends, and supports easy termination or re-instatement and related payments after a CCMA ruling,” says Ian McAlister, General Manager of HR and HCM solutions and services provider CRS Technologies.

To learn more or to check that you are getting the most out of this CRS module, please chat to your CRS consultant directly.