In order to be fully compliant with HR and HCM regulations and benefit from their investment in people, companies rely on outsource service providers to help them manage the process effectively. CRS Technologies recently released their A-Z of HR services on offer to the market and this shows why the company is considered a market leader.

Ian McAlister, General Manager of CRS Technologies, explains that the HR function in business has become more complex and requires a great deal more attention than ever before.

“The legislation and need to comply with different regulation is only one facet of the broader HR and HCM function in business today. There is also the need to understand various technology systems, changes in labour law, on-site and off-site administration, as well as recruitment, which in itself has changed considerably,” says McAlister.

Obviously not all businesses possess all the skill sets necessary to address each and every HR requirement or do so at the level that is consistent – so they look to experienced service providers to safeguard their interests.

As the name suggests, CRS Technologies’ A-Z of HR services is an alphabetic listing of every service available through the company.

It begins with Audits of contracts & policies and ends with Zero tolerance policies & procedures – but also includes Employment Equity (EE) Act compliance, Industrial Relations specialisations, Labour Legislation advice, Qualification Verification and Recruitment Services; Retrenchments, among others.

“Not only is the A to Z of HR services campaign a novel way of communicating exactly what we do for the market, it is also a practical guide for anyone looking for a specific service,” McAlister adds.

CRS Technologies says tax legislation and labour regulation continues to impact on local businesses, and is a major influence across most sectors, particularly mining, retail, manufacturing and government.

The company has many years of experience and is run by seasoned HCM and HR professionals who have in-depth knowledge of South Africa’s labour market.