I am frequently asked what, in my opinion, will be The Next Big Thing in HR, and for years my answer has always been rooted in enabling technology of some variety. Be it the oh-so-poised disruptors, or established and trusted tech that just needed some fine-tuning, today’s HR departments can’t get far without digital ingenuity. But that requires long-term blue sky thinking
too and recognising that tech ingenuity is not a destination but a constant process. It is no coincidence that the CRS suite of tech-driven solutions is under almost continual development. Some of the tweaks are so small our clients aren’t always aware of them, and then some improvements and upgrades are really impressive and definitely worth shouting about. This month, it is the latter. I am delighted (my PR team says I can’t actually use CAPS so italics it is) to announce the first release of our new look CRS software which has been in progress for some months — the first of a roadmap of system advancements. Our long-term development roadmap includes a faster, better looking, more agile and more intuitive HR technology platform. A culmination of knowing what works and what our clients want and need to stay compliant within the local regulatory frameworks. We love it but I would greatly value your honest feedback once you have had a chance to take the new look software for a test drive. Feedback all goes towards fine-tuning other parts of the roadmap and the next phase which has me equally excited to unveil, soon.

I am confident that everyone is in the know about the VAT increase that has just come into effect. We’ve updated everything in the system where needed but with any new regulation comes an adjustment period so I urge you to double check all your invoicing and reporting. Below is an article with some useful information about Sars e-filing changes.

Please note that the WSP and ATR submission deadline is 30 April 2018. To summarise briefly, the Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) documents the skills requirements of a company and describes the range of skills development interventions that the company will use to address these needs during the year. The ATR (Annual Training Report) goes hand in hand with the WSP and must be submitted at the same time, showing your progress against your last WSP and what has / hasn’t been implemented, thereby highlighting the successes and failures, and where more efforts should be focused in the coming year. Companies need to submit records of all education, training and development activities. Overall, this can be a particularly complex and daunting set of reporting but please use CRS’ expertise in this regard and enjoy peace of mind knowing that this has been submitted correctly.

Still on reporting, please note that the COIDA deadline has been extended. The Department of Labour has announced that the 2017 / 2018 submissions will open on 1 April 2018, until 31 May 2018.

Over the years, our clients have always raved about the CRS Annual Tax and Legislation seminar held in each major city / branch but we have been mulling over changing the format of this and presenting it as one webinar in 2018. Similar content and still with live Q&As and other speaker interactions, just delivered to you in the comfort of your own office / surrounds. That said, if you feel strongly that an old-school seminar is the better format, we’ll take that sentiment into consideration. We’ve launched a poll on our Facebook page, so please click here and cast your vote!

Lastly, we have received printed copies of the Tax Guides. Please let us know if you would like copies?

Have a great month
Ian McAlister