SA new version of PAYE BRS published

2018 has more than lived up to expectation as a busy and significant chapter in the development of South Africa’s tax system.

We endeavour to be one step ahead and ensure that we have all the knowledge at our disposal to assist our clients.

It is important to know that as far as the country’s 2018/2019 tax year specifications are concerned, SARS has made a change to the PAYE BRS for Employer Reconciliation (August 2018 release).

The new version was published on 14 June 2018.

What does this essentially mean? The changes in the official document, highlighted in yellow, corrects the applicable year of assessment for codes 3723 and 3773 to 2018 (previously 2019).

We advise all our clients to access the new BRS – click through to SARS PAYE BRS for Employer Reconciliation (August 2018 Release) Version 17.0.1.