Over the years, ERP systems have evolved, becoming increasingly sophisticated with highly customised functionality available. There is a lot of disruption happening in this now very competitive space and machine learning is reducing some of the HR intervention but, in my opinion, one area that ERP has not been able to get right is a Payroll integration. Developers can talk for hours about multiple applications needing to co-exist and integrations having to be graceful but at the end of the day they need to work too and Payroll is not particularly graceful in many ERP systems, yet. The gumboot dancer among ballerinas. Here’s the good news— we’re changing that! If you are actually considering any kind of ERP-based Payroll integration, before you dive into any new investment, please just take a moment to chat to me first because you’re very likely to find your solution resides close to home within CRS. I won’t divulge any more but rest assured there’ll be lots of noise as rollout draws closer as this is set to be another one of CRS’ complete game changers.

I am also pleased to share that CRS can now assist with the execution of non-Payroll rewards.
Reward schemes are a cornerstone of successful employee motivation strategies and a tried and tested tactic to improve staff retention, so we’ve put a lot of time into really considering the
kind of rewards that will resonate with our clients’ employees. There are various types of rewards on offer, from funeral package vouchers to fast-food food coupons and the range will
grow based on needs. Drop me a line or chat to one of our consultants to find out more about this new CRS offering.

With end of year tax submissions opening in September, just a reminder that we are here to make tax season stress free! All the Sars changes and new requirements are updated in our systems and we are on track to handle every element of the submission process for you. Of course it is best to start early and get it behind you so please start your tax season planning now.

Lastly, with August being Women’s Month, a big thank you to the incredible ladies of CRS who, I admit, I’d be lost without! Doing a quick head count, men are definitely in the minority at CRS—consultants, developers and even our ExCo—the ladies have majority rule! This was never planned but to be honest, it works. I’d also like to acknowledge and thank the incredible ladies among our clients, suppliers and other stakeholders who also play such a vital role in CRS’ success.

Have a great (Women’s) month
Ian McAlister