We all know that silo thinking is the death of any organisation hence CRS always approaches its new product development as well as upgrades and refinements with a broad stroke. Embracing the concept of industry-based feedback and UX learning, over the next few months CRS will be introducing a series of top-level User Group Roundtable Discussions in which we are inviting our clients to have frank group discussions about a) their overall requirements, b) where CRS systems can be improved or new services integrated, and c) any trends coming down the line that we should be planning for as your HR and related IT partner. Specific roundtables will be dedicated to specific departments, e.g one for IT managers, one for Payroll, another for HR, etc. I’m really looking forward
to these sessions and openly engaging our clients in the development aspect of our business. We like to think we already have a good handle on your, the client’s, requirements and a real-time and long-term view of how our systems need to support your business, however this initiative is going to take our UX strategy to a new level. By getting closer to our clients, this opens up a number of opportunities to add further value and the roundtables also offer a more balanced platform for dialogue than the annual CRS conferences held in the past. If you would like to be invited, please drop me a line and I will try to include you in the relevant roundtable once we have the finer details in
place. You are also welcome to send me comments on mail which I can table for discussion in the relevant session.

Another exciting initiative in the pipeline is a new accredited online training academy. Initially this will cover training on the CRS modules but in time will expand into formalised blended training with full accreditation, offering certificates in areas such as HR and Payroll, much like any business school or learning institution. We’re still in the early planning stages and identifying the right education partner but suffice to say the CRS Academy will only reinforce our position as a total solution for all things HR and Payroll, and a skills development portal for those pursuing or considering it as a career. Food for thought if you are planning to further your education in 2019.

With regards to the Employment Tax Incentive (ETI), please note that the deadline has been extended to 28 February 2019. It was set to expire on 31 December 2016. While there is no certainty regarding the proposed five-year extension, it may still be worth your while to claim. CRS is one of the few Payroll providers that can calculate this correctly and has the resources and expertise to fulfil all requirements for employers. See below for more on this.

Lastly, I am pleased to announce that our website has just had a facelift. We hope you love the fresh look and easy navigation as much as we do! While you are admiring our website, please take note of our News Flash page too. We also email these news bites whenever there are important reporting dates or changes to note, or other things you need to know in the moment so they should be read, especially if they contain a Sars update. If you are not receiving these emails, please email Bernice Houston and she’ll add you to the list.

Have a great month
Ian McAlister